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Strike-Zone Education

We are passionate about the outdoors and making sure you have not only the right gear for your fishing, hunting, and paddling adventures, but also the best knowledge. Check here for updates on everything outdoors and Strike-Zone.

Fishing Information

Get caught up with info on seasons, local events, news and more.

How To: Wind a Reel

One of the most annoying problems to run into while fishing is a tangled reel. Not only is a pain to deal with, but it stops you from getting your hook in the water and catching that dream fish. So…

Kingfishing Secrets

In this ‘blast-from-the-past, Dave Workman shares his timeless expertise around Kingfishing!

Gear Review: Paddle Boards

In this Gear Review episode, Rick Stinson covers three specific fishing-style paddle boards, as well as gear that accompanies them.

Hunting Information

Get caught up with info on seasons, local game, archery and firearm reviews and more.

Florida Turkey Hunting

In our premiere StrikeZone Video Podcast, our own hunting expert Rick Stinson sits down with local wild turkey-enthusiast Ed Lehmann to discuss the fundamentals of hunting turkey in Florida.

Hunting Season Dates and Bag Limits

Stay up-to-date with this list of 2018-2019 Florida Resident Game and Furbearer Hunting Season Dates and Bag Limits This information, as well as maps of hunting areas can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission page, an excellent source that we…

Additional Resources

Our community is full of great people and companies who provide information and services that can help us on our adventures. Check out a few of our favorites!

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