Bote Traveller 12'6" Paddle Board

  • Model: 126TR17
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  • Manufactured by: Bote
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I was born in the dark. I am bold, quick, steady, and can bear a heavy load. On my back can a paddler stand for many miles without fatigue. I am built for adventure, long days abroad, and covering great distances, so pack your gear. I will gain affection through my invariable responsiveness to the paddler. At full stride I am at home in open water, and at a trot it's the lakes and rivers at which I am equally comfortable. It's with ease that I can transport a paddler and with the same ease, I too can be transported. Click into my integrated Travelink™ system and carry me upon your shoulders. Weary arms can stow their paddle in my PaddleSheath. I am efficient yet smooth, stable yet agile, sexy yet tough. You needn't be a master to tame me as I can make even the newest of paddlers comfortable in the saddle. My name is Traveller, and I am a paddlers paddle board...and that's straight from the horse's mouth.

Classic 12'6" x 28" x 6" Fiberglass EPS Foam Core 275 lbs $1,799.00
• Classic style boards feature an exotic wood inlays and the designs are a tribute to traditional maritime themes.
Native 12'6" x 28" x 6" Fiberglass EPS Foam Core 275 lbs $1,799.00
• Native style boards feature beautiful designs with graphic artistry to appease your wild side.